about us

Fouda community pharmacy chain established to introduce a new trend in the industry "the smart pharmacy" that will serve customers through an advanced "state of the art" electronic system.

We strive to lead the community pharmacy market to new standards and make pharmacy service more accessible through adding new applications which will create new health services that provide an extraordinary care to customers.

We know our role towards our customer's health and wellness, and we act accordingly.

We believe that continuous innovation and constant improvement of our systems, operations, and staff will enable us to embody our vision and accomplish our mission.

Our Vision

New technology applications are the theme of this age, so we will dedicate our efforts and resources to use these applications to enrich the community pharmacy with new services, and we will work hard to enhance the health of our community.

We believe that integration between different healthcare providers will be a great gain for patient's health when achieved in the pharmacy environment, and we will focus our full attention on maintaining patient's health properly monitored.

Our Mission

We are very ambitious to achieve 3 major accomplishments:

  • Leading the Egyptian community pharmacy market through electronic service 
  • Become the no.1 pharmacy at customer's preference.
  • Expand our service beyond Egyptian market and become a pan company.


Fouda pharmacy has a specific vision for the future of medicine and pharmaceutical services.

We are seeking to provide an integrated and modern service that would overcome the disadvantages of current services in the region and the world.

Our model is a practical model of effective pharmaceutical services.

Fouda Pharmacy aims to occupy the center stage of the industry not only in Egypt but regionally and globally and is extending its geographical reach soon through an ambitious plan to open several new branches inside and outside Egypt.

Fouda pharmacy is always careful to build its team with the best skilled calibers. The team is specifically trained by a human resource development program.

As part of our strategy to lead in the industry, at Fouda pharmacy, we seek to continuously develop our services and our personnel.

Medical care and modern medicine are equally our focus. Fouda pharmacy equally works on increasing community awareness about the field of pharmaceutical as related to health care.